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How to Unfreeze Your Car Lock

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Step 1 - Check all Locks Before you bust out the chemicals, there are a few things you can try that might help you get inside the vehicle.

Step 2 - Apply Pressure If you can unlock the car remotely, push on the door.

Step 3 - Use Body Heat Place your thumb on the car lock and keep it in place for a minute or two.

Step 4 - Heat Source If your body heat is not enough to free the lock, then it's time to turn to a different heat source.

Step 5 - De-Icer If the ice on the lock is thick, you may want to use a de-icer.

Step 6 - De-Icer Alternative If you do not have a good de-icer on hand, you can use hand sanitizer as a substitute. Hand sanitizers are made of alcohol, which can melt ice if there is a large enough concentration of it. Simply pour the sanitizer on the key and then use the key to apply the liquid onto the lock.

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